What is the RALC?

There are four Regional Alternative Licensing Centers (RALCs) in North Carolina, created by the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction. They were designed to assist lateral entry teachers in NC to achieve a full professional educator’s license. read more...>

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Restricted Licensure

Teachers licensed through the CTE provisional route are issued a restricted license, which means employment is limited to the specific area of licensure. Teachers with a restricted license are not eligible to add additional license areas based on testing or 24 semester hours of course work unless otherwise permitted by policy. Previously granted non-teaching work experience may not be transferable to other license areas for which the experience is not relevant.

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Career Technical Education (CTE)
Provisional (Restricted) Plan of Study

A list of colleges/universities offering courses that have been approved by the RALC to satisfy competencies for your plan of study is found on this page. To find approved courses for your Core and/or Licensure Area Competencies, follow the steps below.

  1. Select your Core Competencies and/or CTE Licensure area from the drop-down menus on your left.
  2. Select the college or university where you want to take the class. Approved classes are listed by prefix and course title.

If you prefer to take a course not listed on this site, you must seek written approval from your RALC Director prior to enrollment. Written requests must include the competency you wish to satisfy, the name of the institution where you want to take the course, the course prefix, title, and official description from the institution’s catalog. 

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Courses must be taken to satisfy empty cells on your plan of study. Your plan of study lists where each competency may be met, such as through a four-year college/university or a community college.




With this in mind, it is important to make a plan for completing the requirements. Since certain courses are not offered each semester, it is important to contact the colleges and universities where you may take the course(s) and find out when and how the courses are offered (face-to-face, online, hybrid, etc.). 




Yearly Requirements For CTE Provisional (Restricted) License

Individuals must follow their plan of study as prescribed by the RALC. It is recommended that six semester hours per year from the plan of study be taken until the plan has been completed.

Coursework, testing, and any additional requirements for the licensure area must be completed within three school years. Local school systems may require proof of completion of requirements for continued employment. Employment decisions belong solely to the local school system.


Clearing The RALC Plan Of Study

  • Complete all prescribed coursework.
  • Satisfy the testing requirements (if applicable).
  • Satisfy any specific training/certifications.

Once you complete the plan of study, your employing school system will submit appropriate documentation to clear your plan. After a final evaluation, as appropriate, the RALC will recommend clearing the CTE provisional (restricted) license.